Universidad Católica Boliviana "San Pablo"

ABSTRACT In the present work, a marketing plan was developed for the implementation of a new Terrestrial Transportation Travel Agency, in the city of Tarija, that can meet the client's needs through the study of their wishes and preferences. Noting the need for this research work; has the general objective of designing marketing plans for the implementation of a terrestrial travel agency for the city of Tarija, which provides the conditions required by the population; speed, quality of care and safety among others. The objective of the market research was to identify the characteristics of the demand that will allow defining the marketing strategies suitable for the implementation of the company. As for the research, two types of research were used, exploratory and conclusive - descriptive. The market research shows in the first instance the interest of the people to have a ground travel agency in the city, with the benefits that this may have, the idea of providing the services of the sale of tickets in the city center through a travel agency "VIAJE FÁCIL" was very attractive for people, because it has the characteristics and attributes necessary to become a requested service in the city. It also determined a profitable market segment and is willing to request the service of purchasing tickets at the central agency. Strategic components that serve as a guide for the company were proposed, based primarily on the customer's delight, highlighting the attributes in each component. Regarding the financial analysis, the financial evaluation indicators give as a result a VAN of Bs 195.701,60 and a TIR of 37% through which the economic feasibility of the business was demonstrated. The placing on the market of the new terrestrial travel agency is a good investment opportunity, the profitability is mainly due to aspects, critics developed throughout the project, such as the significant demand for this type of business. The present project is without a doubt striking and interesting, without a doubt Tarija needs to have a company of this nature that enhances its image in the National and International context.